A busy summer for Daemon or Doppelganger

At the end of another, amazing, hectic, and fun filled summer I’m having a chance to reflect on some of the highlights…

I had the great pleasure again, of spending the majority of my summer in sunny fields surrounded by thousands of little clay people amongst other things!


Two trips to the Isle of White, many missions across the U.K.
From Glastonbury to Secret Garden Party, Camp Bestival to Shambala.
I have been documenting a very unique and wonderful workshop.

In 14 years the festival crowds have created an astounding collection of over 50,000 figures, faces and fantastic images out of clay…


It’s not only a workshop for everyone to take part in, but also creates a fantastic evolving installation throughout the event.

Thousands of individual clay figures showing the faces of the festival.. Or even better their Daemon spirit!!!


Watch out for them this summer, first confirmed job is at their original home Glastonbury Festival. You can find them in Bella’s Field, in the Theatre and Circus area.