Bestival Main Stage!!

A few days before Bestival 2014 I was offered one of my all time favorite (and most exciting jobs!) By a very nice man, Tom Bassford.

Tom is a Production Engineer, a VJ and Video artist. His job is to create the video for the main stage to fill the changeovers between each performance. These are shown on the huge screens either side of the main stage.


I was invited to be part of his team and my job description was simple… ‘Go and take photos around the site of people having fun, Fancy dress and interesting things!’

I had a great time on my daily mission capturing and delivering my shots back to him backstage then running to the front to see them on the screens.


This was very exciting especially before the Sunday night headliner Chic and Nile Rogers. It was one the biggest crowds Bestival had ever seen and a slideshow of my photos were played just before they started! It was definitely the largest size that my images have ever been reproduced and they looked fantastic.! Thank you Tom!